Why Partner with Parents of Students from
the Career Investigations Course?

Whether parents are aware or not, the definition across America for "career ready" students has changed. 


So why partner? 

Reason #1: Parent awareness is key.  Technology will continue to change the world.  And we must ensure that our children transition to the 21st Century career readiness mindset.


This video highlights the paradigm shift facing the 21st Century student in terms of career readiness:

















As a result of a changing world, the state of Virginia responded.  In 2016, state legislation changed the rules for students attending public schools in Virginia. "Career ready" is no longer defined based primarily on academic success. 

So why partner? 

Reason #2: Parent engagement is key.  We are raising parents' awareness of Virginia's initiative called the Profile of a Virginia Graduate. 

This video provides the background behind this game-changing initiative:










And as the state responded, parents in and around Prince William County (Virginia) responded as well with a four-year pilot program to design a 21st Century youth career coaching road map.


So why partner?

Reason #3: Because active parent involvement is crucial.  We are raising the awareness of middle school parents about the 7th Grade Career Investigations Course. Steps #1 and #2 of this 4-step career readiness process is completed through the Career Investigations Course. 

Reason #4: Because active parent involvement is life-changing.  We have empowered parents with a road map that leverages the outcomes of the Career Investigations Course.  By doing so, we introduced parents to more than a process or program but rather a proven youth developmental system. 

So why partner? Public education is doing its part.  But it can only do so much.  Community-based initiatives are needed and parents must lead the way.  

See illustration below:

Parents learn career coaching techniques from professional career coaches based on their children's skills-based education plan.

Academic and Career Coaching Using the Student's  

10-year Skills-based Education Plan

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