Our Pilot Program Results

The process we used to design this parent-empowerment model consisted of series of pilot programs from School Years (SY) 2015-2016 to SY 2018-2019.  We proved that youth development organizations can and SHOULD help prepare students to become job-ready employees, college-ready student and business-focused entrepreneurs but it takes a system not solely a program, process or procedure.  We embraced this philosophy as a part of our overall vision.


Throughout our series of pilot programs, the remarkable results produced by the 318 participating parents and students over the 4-year period were unprecedented.  A small example of their results is represented below:


Our initial pilot program participants consisted of 318 parents and students like the ones pictured below:

Parent-Student Orientation at Forest Park High School

Private screening of block-buster movie with author, director, family members of women depicted in movie, and national leaders at Library of Congress

Parent-Student Orientation at

Northern Virginia Community College

Career exploration in computer game and design at Virginia State University

2019-2020 Parent advisory team meeting at Benton Middle School

1st Annual Career and College Opportunities 2020

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